Make It Look like It’s Snowing with Falling Light

I love snow. Growing up in Maine, some of my favorite days were when the snow was falling outside. It’s peaceful and quiet and absolutely beautiful. Now that I live in Virginia, I don’t get to see that as much. But now with snowfall lighting, I can see beautiful falling snow, in lights.

Snowfall lighting is a newer outdoor holiday lighting application that is absolutely stunning. Cool white LEDs are connected and the light travels downward in a wave, giving the illusion of falling snow.  

The most common use of snowfall lighting is in trees. LED tubes are installed throughout the tree branches so the snowfall looks sporadic. The LEDs themselves are encased in a clear, high-quality, durable tubes that stand up to the sometimes harsh winter elements. How beautiful is this?

Not only are these light installations being used to imitate snow, but also rain. The same LED tube lights were used here in this mall installation where it was used to emulate rain.

The snowfall lighting comes in more variations than the tubes. They are also available in bulbs and discs. The bulbs and discs are a great way to highlight and add extra detail to your Christmas trees. There small LED bulbs are in vertical lines on the different sides. The light then travels downward, like the tubes, along the bulb or disc. It truly can make the trees shimmer…

holiday outdoor lighting

These snowfall techniques make sense in different holiday outdoor lighting applications. If you have questions regarding snowfall lighting or other outdoor holiday décor, please contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office.

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