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Holiday Outdoor Lighting Designs

Christmas is less than a week away and we at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives cannot wait! The holiday season is such a special time of year, enjoying friends and family. For us, outdoor holiday lighting is big component of the season and to celebrate, we want to simply share some of our holiday lighting displays that we’ve done throughout the year.

At OLP, we are all about outdoor lighting design, and for me this home is cozy, warm and inviting. The warm brick color is highlighted by the landscape lighting and popped with the additional Christmas lights. Simple white string lights were hung in the trees and the snowflake lights along the roofline add a special whimsy to the home.

While I tend to like white lights more than colored, I love the pops of red and green in this holiday lighting system. This home is large and stately, and the lights emphasize that. Lit garland around the tall columns bring some of that greenery that winter is known for into the space. To add to the green, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives use large red bows and red lights to make the space scream Christmas.

Holiday lights are not only made for the home, but also for the community. This gazebo is the center point of the community that surrounds it. White LED string lights were hung on the roof, columns and railings. Personally, I wouldn’t mind sitting in this gazebo with a hot chocolate in hand.

This holiday lighting in Birmingham is classically beautiful with its red and white lights. The home has an interesting roofline which is beautifully highlighted with white snowflake lights. Wreaths are synonymous with the holiday season so I love that the homeowner wanted not only a large lit wreath over the front entrance, but also smaller wreaths on all the windows. It is a lovely home that is welcoming throughout the season.

My last example of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives holiday lighting just can’t be illustrated in a photo, but it’s great in video form! Check out this awesome tree lighting system from our location in Nashville!

Giving the Gift of Light this Holiday Season

Light plays a huge role in the holidays. Who has a Christmas tree without lights or a menorah without candles? As you beginning your holiday shopping, we wanted to provide you with some ideas that incorporate light. You know that everyone here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives loves lights!

Sometimes a subtle hint of light can make all the different in a space. I found these rattan globes at Plow and Hearth while I was looking for something for my living room. I loved the wooden look before I even realized that they had lights! The small LED bulbs are small enough to be unnoticeable but are beautifully subtle when turned on. They are both indoor and outdoor friendly and would be perfect in a bowl indoors or a planter outside.

Lanterns are a great design element that can be used both inside and out. They come in a variety of shapes, colors and price-points that you are sure to find one that fits your friends’ style. When deciding which one is best, think about the general style of their home. Do they like modern or French country? Pick something that fits. Here are some ideas from Pottery Barn to get you started.

Festoon lighting is perfect for the person on your list that loves the outdoors. Festoon lighting, if you aren’t familiar with it, is string lights that are made for the outdoors. The bulbs are larger and can be strung from the house, deck, porch or any other space. There are also a number of shades that you can add to the lights to dress them up. We at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives can help you to choose and install the perfect set of festoon lights for any outdoor living space.

Candles always make for a great hostess gift. Everyone can appreciate a great candle, right? To make it a little more special look for unique candles or candle holders that will make the recipient smile. Red Envelope and Crate and Barrel have a number of candle and candle holder options that make for wonderful gifts.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we’ve had several of our clients purchase gift certificates for our services for their friends and family. Landscape lighting is the gift that keeps on giving, night after night. We will work with you or your friend to design a custom outdoor living system that will highlight all the best aspects of their property and home, all while increasing the safety and security of their home.

If you have any questions, please contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office.


5 Easy Ways to Use String Lights this Holiday Season

If you know Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, you know that we enjoy the holiday season. Our outdoor holiday lighting service is creative and fun in a different way than our architectural and landscape lighting. While we love designing and installing outdoor holiday décor, some homeowners prefer to do it themselves. One of the most versatile diy outdoor holiday décor items is string lights.

If you are going to use string lights this holiday season, here are some easy ways to incorporate them in your design.

Another mesmerizing holiday tree lighting design by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives1) Wrap it up. Wrapping items in string lights is the most common use for outdoor string lights. Whether it is a column on your front porch or a tree in your yard, wrapping it in lights instantly makes it more festive. To make it a little more unique, try thinking beyond just white lights. For instance, my brother is in the military, so my mom did a tree with different branches is red, white and blue lights. Another idea is to wrap your columns with red and white string lights to make them look like candy canes.

2) Use them as a border. Hanging lights from the roof can be dangerous (we recommend having a professional outdoor lighting company help you with that), but there are other ways to make your home stand out that is safer to install. Use string lights as a border around all of your windows. You can even do this from the safety of your home with suction cups around the window.

3) Put them in something. Last year, one of our neighbors had these beautiful lanterns on their front porch for the holidays. They were large and red and were the perfect detail for Christmas. They placed flickering gold string lights inside them so they lanterns would stand out at night too.

4) Use them as a base. One of the reasons string lights are so versatile is because they can take the shape of whatever you need them for. I find that they are beautiful when just laid at the base of something. For example, imagine a large planter with a tree or bush in it on your property. Laying lights at the base of it instantly makes it more festive. This can be done in planters, flower boxes, or even amongst some greenery on the steps to provide sure footing.

5) Just let them hang. String lights are beautiful even in their simplest form. This may seem silly, but just letting them hang down from something is easy and gorgeous. I can’t take credit for this, but I saw it last year when visiting a friend of mine. She and her husband have a large front porch where guests would stand while waiting for them to answer the door. On either side (not that the guests would walk through), she just hung strings of lights from the eaves of the porch roof to the floor. It was simply stunning as they twinkled while we waited.

Before you install any lighting outdoors, read the packaging to make sure they are made for the outdoors. Not all string lights are safe to use outside. If you have any questions on outdoor lighting, please reach out to your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives.


Holiday Lighting that Fits your Tastes

It’s November, which means it is time to start planning for the holidays. Thinking ahead ensures that you can get what you want without a problem, and that goes for your outdoor holiday lighting displays too.

For many homeowners, they want their Christmas lighting displays up the first week of December if not before (I know my neighbors get out there on the Friday after Thanksgiving). If you want it up in early December, you need to have all the pieces in advance. That is definitely the case with holiday lighting with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. We suggest our clients call us as soon as they can to ensure they get just what they want.

When it comes to holiday décor, the options are endless. From classic to unconventional, there is something for everyone. The most important thing is that you decide what you like and enjoy during the season and just go for it!

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we work with each client to create a custom holiday lighting design that fits their needs, tastes and budget. There are four areas of the house and property that we like to discuss and take into consideration when creating an outdoor lighting display: the roofline, porch, trees and yard.

The home’s roofline is often a large component of our holiday lighting designs. It’s one the best ways to highlight the entire house. The most common roofline lighting is c9 string lights. C9 string lights are the standard string lights that you are most likely familiar with. They are classically beautiful and are available in every color from white, red, orange, blue, green, purple and more. We’ve done roofline lighting for numerous clients who have wanted something more than the classic outdoor string lights. We’ve done icicle lights, snowflake lights, candy canes, stockings and more. Each one added a special something to the display.

Poinsettia WreathThe front porch is where friends and family are welcomed during the holiday season so it has to look great! Our lighting designers will pay particular attention to the front porch area to enhance the space and make it more inviting. Our fully decorated wreaths are chosen to complement the other pieces of outdoor décor you have. If you have columns or railings on the front of your home, wrapping them in garland is a great way to dress them up. Both garland and wreaths can be pre-lit so you have that pop of sparkle on the front of the home.

Another mesmerizing holiday tree lighting design by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Wrapping trees in lights isn’t a new design idea, but it still holds merit. Trees with Christmas lights are synonymous with the holiday season. Outdoor tree lighting does go beyond simply wrapping the trees in lights however. If you want to do something a little different, there are snowflake lights, snowfall lighting, and other décor options to make your trees pop.

The last space considered in the design phase is the yard itself. Yard displays are popular additions to a holiday lighting system. Some of our clients enjoy a large display that includes Santa and his reindeer or a nativity scene, while others may want something simple to line their pathways. Whatever your tastes, we are happy to include it in your design.

The key to design and getting what you want is timing. The earlier you reach out to your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office to discuss holiday lights, the more likely you are to get exactly what you want before product runs out. Please let us know if you have any questions.


No-Hassle Holiday Lighting Makes the Season More Enjoyable

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love the holiday season. I love the music. I love the company. I love the food. And I definitely love the lights.  From homes decked out from top to bottom in lights to those that have subtle candles in the window, they all make me smile.

Growing up, my mom always did something different with the front of the home. At the end of the day, our family, our neighbors and our friends loved whatever she did, but she never enjoyed the process of putting them up. She would sometimes complain about the time it took and how difficult some of it was and whether it was worth it. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we pride ourselves on no-hassle outdoor holiday lighting that you can sit back and just enjoy. Our full service program includes 4 steps: design, installation, take down and storage.

The first step of our holiday outdoor lighting process is design. We work with our clients to create a lighting display that fits their needs and budgets. While creating the design and choosing products, we will look at the property, the architecture of the home to create a custom look that is different from the neighbors’ home. The products may include roofline, door, yard and other decor products.

After the design is created and agreed upon, we will get all of the necessary products and install them on your behalf. There is never a need for you to get up on a ladder! And no need to waste your day installing outdoor lighting. Our trained and insured installers will test every bulb before and after installation ensuring your display is as festive as you desired.

My least favorite part of the holidays is having to take down our holiday decorations. It takes a ton of time to take them down and pack them up properly. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, the same trained installers that put up your lights will come and take them down, packing them up nicely to be used again next year. They will make note of all your products and supplies so nothing is lost between seasons.

The last step in our hassle-free outdoor holiday lighting service is storage. After we take down and pack up the lights, we take them back to our storage facility. By having all the pieces on our property, we can test each and every product and bulb before going to your home the next year to install them. That way, if a light is out, we know ahead of time and can order any replacement materials that are needed.

If you have questions on outdoor holiday décor, please contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office.


Outdoor lighting techniques bring out the best in your space

Outdoor lighting may sound simple, but truly great outdoor lighting is anything but simple. Going to a store, purchasing some lights and sticking them in the ground won’t give you the same gorgeous affect as a professionally designed outdoor lighting system.

October is National Outdoor Lighting Month, aiming to educate homeowners on the benefits of outdoor lighting. As Daylight Savings Time approaches the need for adequate lighting outside increases. educates the homeowner not only on the benefits of outdoor lighting, but also some of the commonly used techniques. At OLP, all of our designers are trained in combining these techniques to create the best possible system to highlight the client’s home and property.  So what are the techniques?

Spotlighting – used for lighting stand alone features like trees and fountains, spot lighting is a great way to make the object stand out.

Shadowing – Creating shadows on a retaining wall or privacy fence is a great way to show difference textures.

Pathway lighting – walkways and paths are the most travelled areas of your outdoor living space, and also the most likely place for someone to trip and fall on something. Pathway lighting illuminates the space so friends and family know where they are stepping.

Uplighting – Uplighting is the most commonly used lighting technique when it comes to front façade lighting. By shooting the light upward, it grazes the horizontal surfaces highlighting the textures and colors of the property.

Pool lighting – Lighting the areas around your pool (as well as any water features around it, like a waterfall) will extend the time the space can be used and will decrease the chance of someone falling in accidentally!

Deck lighting – Decks are expensive and it would be a shame to be forced inside on a nice night just because the sun went down. Deck lighting illuminates the area with lights installed on the deck railings.

Holiday lighting – At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we are HUGE fans of outdoor holiday lighting. It makes your home look festive and cheerful at a time of year where it is all about friends and family getting together.

Event lighting – Event lighting is a must for any outdoor evening event. Whether it is a wedding, graduation party or other get-together, adding lighting will keep the party going longer and adds a special detail to the space.

More outdoor lighting information can be found on the National Outdoor Lighting Month website.


White Holiday Lights Are Always in Style

When it comes to the holidays, we encourage our clients to have fun with their outdoor décor. Whatever you like, go for it. We are often asked however, what is in style or on trend.

Much like any other type of design: interior, clothing, etc., there are trends that come in out in the world of holiday lighting. A few years ago it was the icicle lights. Numerous homeowners on just one street would have icicle lights hanging from their roofs and porches.

While there are trends there is one holiday lighting staple that has never and will never go out of style: white lights. White lights, whether they are c9 string lights or snowflake lighting, they always look classically beautiful.

Take this example of holiday lighting in Long Island. The homeowner wanted something clean and simple that would welcome friends and family for the holidays without overpowering the house. The Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Long Island team used white lights throughout the space.

The homeowners wanted some decoration that could be admired both day and night, so garland was hung around the columns of the front porch and on the small balcony above. Additionally, wreaths were hung on three of the front windows. In the daytime, passersby can see the green garland and wreaths. Both the wreaths and garland have white lights in their branches to make them pop at night. It’s such a simple idea that makes the home look beautiful day and night

For added interest, one of their front trees was wrapped and a few light bursts were installed in their front bushes.

Another example of classic white holiday lighting is on this brick home in Richmond, VA. The homeowners wanted their roofline lined with some type of holiday lighting, but not c9 string lights. They wanted something with a little more pizazz. To achieve their intended look, the Outdoor Lighting Perspectives team installed snowflake lighting using white lights.  Wreaths and bushes were also wrapped with white lights as well.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we love all types of outdoor holiday décor, lights, displays, wreaths, trees, ornaments, etc. When thinking about your lighting scheme and what you want to invest in, invest in the items that will last for years to come. We have many clients that have basic pieces of their holiday lighting that is used year after year, while they make small changes each year with fun pieces like a lit Santa or reindeer. In the end, as long as you love it, it will be great.

If you have questions on holiday lighting, please reach out to your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office.


Decorating Outdoors? Use these Safety Tips

Make sure you plan out your holiday lighting before stepping on that ladder to minimize time.

We are not far from outdoor holiday decorating time. While it is fun (for some people) to decorate the house with lights and décor pieces, it can be dangerous. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, 12,000 people are injured each year due to holiday decorating. If you are going to hang lights or decorate outdoors for any holiday (Halloween, Hanukah, Christmas, etc.), keep these safety tips in mind.

Before you go outside…

Check your outdoor holiday lights. Have you ever spent hours on a project to realize that something isn’t working properly? Don’t let that happen with your outdoor holiday décor. Plug each string of lights in and check each bulb before installing it. Make sure each bulb not only works, but also is screwed in its socket tightly so you know it will work once installed. It’s much easier to check and change bulbs in the comfort of your living room than outside on a ladder.

Read the product information. This goes for both your lights and any extension cords you may be planning on using for the system. The first thing to check is what they are actually made for. There is a big difference between products that are made for outdoor use and those that are made for indoor use. Outdoor products are designed to withstand the elements, indoors aren’t. Using indoor product outdoors can cause shortages and failures. Once you’ve verified that your lights and cords are safe to use, check any usage numbers associated with the cords. You don’t want to overload them with too many strings of lights.

Dress appropriately for what you are doing. This tip is particularly important if you are going up on a roof, in a tree or up a ladder. What shoes you wear are incredibly important. They need to have traction so that you don’t slip on any surface that may become wet and slippery. Additionally, don’t wear too loose of clothing that may get caught on branches, clips, ladders, etc. The more fitted your clothing is the less likely you are to have to free yourself of being connected to something.

While installing…

Have a buddy to help. It’s always safer to install lighting, especially any that is off the ground, using the buddy system. Your buddy can spot you as you climb and pass you anything that you may need allowing you to focus on your safety and what you are hanging or installing.

Unplug everything. While installing your lights, you should not have it connected to a power source. They should be off. It is much safer to not have any electricity running through a system while you are working with it.

Make sure everything is secure. While the holidays are a time of cheer, they also happen to occur in months that can be harsh. Make sure that your outdoor holiday lights are securely connected to your home, tree, etc. so that nothing pulls in the wind. When securing things to your home, DO NOT USE NAILS! Nailing or stapling lights to your home may cause future damage like leaks in your roof. Use lighting clips that are made for installing string lights. They are easy to secure to and remove from your home.

After you’re finished installing…

Check the system. Plug everything in and make sure it is all working as planned. If something isn’t working and you think you know why, unplug everything again before trying to fix it. For lights that you placed or installed on the ground, make sure they aren’t in areas of your property that you know are known to hold water when it rains. Lights should never be in standing water.

Unplug the system at night. We all love not only enjoying our holiday lights, but also allowing our friends and neighbors to enjoy them as well. That being said, they shouldn’t be on all the time in case something sparks or shorts. When you go to bed, make sure everything is properly unplugged and off.

Enjoy. This is the key to all outdoor holiday systems. Go outside and just look at your lights.

For those of you who don’t want to chance injury, there are outdoor lighting companies, like us at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, that would be happy to install and take down your lights for you. If you have questions, please contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office.

Tree Lighting for the Holidays Adds Festive Flair

The holidays are a time for happiness and cheer. We at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives are happy to add to the ambiance through our outdoor holiday lighting service. It puts a smile on our faces when we see how welcoming and bright our clients’ homes can look for holiday visitors.

Each of our holiday lighting systems is different. At OLP, we custom design the lighting plan based on the clients’ properties, tastes and budgets. Our trained installers will put up the lights and take them down at the end of the season. Additionally, we store all of our clients’ lighting product for them so each bulb can be tested before being installed again the following year.

Holiday tree lighting is always a popular installation, but there is more than just one way to do it…

Wrapping trees in string lights is the most popular method of holiday tree lighting. It’s a design classic that can make a big impact. Take this tree from the Nashville capital for example. The Outdoor Lighting Perspectives team wrapped it thousands of bulbs to highlight its size and beauty. With the lights, it can now be admired both day and night. While white and red bulbs are used most often, string lights are available in a number of different colors.

There are numerous types of ornaments that are meant for the outdoors, but most of them don’t light up themselves. To add something extra to a tree, we have colored spheres in a variety of colors and sizes that can take on an ornamental feeling. The surface is textured, allowing for more “sparkle” than a smooth surface. For added excitement and visual interest, spheres with twinkling bulbs can be installed.

Snowflakes are one of the key icons of the holiday season. Snowflake lights can be hung from tree branches along with string lights to create a tree straight out of winter wonderland. Some of our snowflake lights are constructed with LED rope lighting and some are made with layers of metal that is back lit with LED bulbs. The most interesting trees with snowflake lighting have several different designs incorporated.

One type of outdoor holiday lighting that is growing in popularity is snowfall lighting. Snowfall lighting intends to mirror the look of falling snow. I like to think of snowfall lighting as icicle lights taken to the next level. Instead of having all of the lights on each line lit up at one time, they light up in one after the other.  Here’s a video of a project that one of our locations did a few years ago that incorporated snowfall lights. Watch out for the “dripping” lights, that is snowfall lighting.

If you don’t have trees on your property, but would like something for the holidays, we have temporary, pre-lit trees that are perfect for outdoor décor. Some are made of poles and string lights, while others, like these spiral ones, are hollow structures that are taken apart at the end of the season.

If you have question on outdoor holiday lights, please contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives.


Special Lighting for Special Places

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we pride ourselves on being the experts in outdoor design. We use only the highest quality lighting fixtures, but more importantly, we know how to make an outdoor space look beautiful with light. It’s all about the design, and that isn’t just the standard path and well lights that we use.

I shared this project a few weeks ago, but it’s a great example utilizing “special” lighting where the fixture becomes part of the space, not just its light. We have a client in Kansas City that has a beautiful covered porch that she uses for an outdoor dining room. While we could have used more standard outdoor lighting fixtures and shot them downward from the beams above, the designer thought that using an outdoor chandelier would make the space really feel like a dining room. The picture isn’t wonderful, but you can see how the space in anchored around the chandelier.

I must admit that I may has gasped a bit when I saw this next outdoor lighting project from Nashville, it is just so beautiful. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville was called out to a local winery to install some lighting. The property has some beautiful trees that the lighting designer really wanted to enhance, but not with up-lighting. Orb lighting was installed in the branches to create this romantic setting. Orb lighting is great in trees because the wires are hardly noticed at all giving the impression of floating lights. This winery (Arrington Vineyards in Arrington, TN) hosts many nighttime events on their property, ensuring these lights will be seen and admired. Personally, I would love to sit here, have a glass of wine and enjoy some music!

Weddings are another time that our outdoor lighting designers think beyond the obvious. Sure footing is important for any outdoor event, so we do use temporary lighting fixtures to illuminate any pathways that need some extra light. After the safety lighting is covered, it’s time for the fun lighting! Festoon lighting is gaining in popularity for many outdoor venues. Festoon lighting is an outdoor “string” light option. This is not the lighting you hang during the holidays! The bulbs are bigger and are much heavier. The bulbs themselves come in a variety of options, not only in color, but size and shape. Some clients prefer the soft white round bulbs while others want a more oblong blue light, making them great for weddings because they can be tailored to the events’ colors, themes and lighting needs. This image comes from our Nashville location and shows a pathway that used festoon lighting between some commercial spaces. Imagine having that over some tables on a nice night, stunning!

While a lot of different lighting options are beautiful, make sure you talk to your outdoor lighting company about the quality of whatever they are installing on your property. Whether it is the standard path light, or festoon lighting, you want to make sure that the fixtures can stand up to whatever elements it may exposed to. Please contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office to discuss different options for lighting up your favorite residential and commercial properties.