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Outdoor Lighting Techniques: Up-lighting

Next up in our series of outdoor lighting techniques is up-lighting. Up-lighting is one of the most versatile strategies in outdoor lighting design as it is used in a variety of applications. Up-lighting is an excellent way to highlight the beauty of trees and architectural details.

The Well Light is one of the most commonly used residential outdoor lighting fixture

A number of fixtures can be used when up-lighting, but the most commonly used fixture is the well light, or BB3 (seen here). The fixture is installed into the ground, no deeper than 12 inches. Different beams of light can be achieved by placing the fixture closer or further away from the structure and by changing the angle of the light bulb.


birmingham-outdoor-lightingGrazing is a form of up-lighting that enhances the textures of a vertical space by placing a fixture only 6 to 8 inches from the surface and aiming the fixture directly upward. It is an absolutely gorgeous outdoor lighting effect on a brick, stone or stucco building as it brings out all of the details. It does not, however, work well on a siding due to the shadows it would create because the surface isn’t flat. Here’s a great image of grazing up-lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Birmingham. This outdoor lighting system in Hoover, AL included a wall that surrounded part of the outdoor living space. If you can pull your eyes away from the beautiful sunset through the window, take a look at the texture that the lighting brings out. That architectural detail of the space can now be admired at all times of the day and night.

Tree lighting is another popular form of up-lighting. As opposed to moonlighting in trees and the shadows it creates, the tree trunk and branches are the focal point in up-lighting trees. The outdoor lighting fixtures are installed near the base of the tree. Most of our clients enjoy the warm wash of light up the trees, but some have added a pale blue lens to for a more subtle look. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we’ve up-lit trees with dramatic results. For our clients who have clients bordering their outdoor living spaces, up-lighting trees is a great way to draw the eye outward and add interest to an otherwise dark surrounding. Take these beautiful trees for example, the installed up-lights make them stand out against the dark sky, adding visual interest to the space.

Depending on the structure, where it is located, and what surrounds it, up-lighting can also be used for fountain or statue lighting.

The key to all outdoor lighting design is using the right techniques, with the right fixtures, installed in the right place. The designer has to consider where the excess light will go and make sure that it does not shine into the home, a neighbor’s home or property, or into any of the areas that people gather in when entertaining. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we place temporary lights in place so that we can be sure that the system will look and perform exactly how intended.

If you have questions regarding outdoor lighting on your property, contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office. Our trained lighting designers will create a beautiful system that you’ll enjoy night after night.

Outdoor Lighting for Pergolas, Gazebos and Trellises

Shade structures are a growing category in the outdoor living industry. More people are adding pergolas, gazebos, trellises and arbors as an added design feature. They often define different areas of an outdoor living area, and when outdoor lighting is added to highlight the structures at night, a beautiful and romantic place can be created.

gazebo-lightingTake this beautiful gazebo for example. It is so sweet and lovely; it would be a shame if it wasn’t able to be enjoyed after dark. The same principles of outdoor lighting design apply to illuminating outdoor living structures as they do any residential or commercial property; the light should enhance the space without being the focal point. Here, the designer placed well lights along the base of each column giving a beautiful wash of light. While the columns are perfectly lit, the light fixtures themselves are barely visible. I also love that the trees along the side of the gazebo are lit creating a romantic spot to sit and enjoy your company.

Pergola_and_swing_outdoor_lightingWhen I see this picture, I can’t put help but to think of my husband. He would LOVE to have a space like this to lay back and relax in a hammock. The pergola above the patio creates the feeling of an outdoor room. The pergola lighting ensures that someone will unwind on that hammock and gaze up at the stars. Hmm, where to I add my name to the list?

This small pergola is used as an entryway between the patio and yard, clearly defining the separate spaces. By placing the down-light on the top of the pergola, that separation is apparent at all times of the day.pergola-lighting Looking at it from this angle, the pergola invites visitors to move from the yard into the well let patio beyond.

One of the things I don’t understand is not getting the most out of what you invest in and that goes for outdoor features. We have a neighbor that has a beautiful water feature, but you can’t see it at night! This outdoor lighting project is a great example. With its curved lines and iron scrolls, this gazebo is beautifully ornate. The urns inside add to that whimsical feeling. How unfortunate would it be if you couldn’t see it like this after nightfall? Our outdoor lighting designer in New Jersey installed outdoor lighting around the gazebo for this gorgeous affect.

If you have questions regarding gazebo, trellis, arbor or pergola lighting, please contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives gets decked out for the holidays

This deck built by Archadeck of Greater Atlanta gets decked out for the holidays

This deck built by Archadeck of Greater Atlanta gets decked out for the holidays and shows how holiday outdoor lighting designed for well-loved areas of the landscape can create magic.

What could be more uplifting for the spirit or the soul this holiday season than entertaining friends and family on your own Christmas deck? That’s right, a Christmas deck. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives recognizes that many locations across the country experience mild to moderate temperatures during the winter and for many homeowners decks become an extension of their living space all year through. With this in mind we are able to create a magical spot of festive folly with the use of holiday outdoor lighting in spots like a deck, a porch or even a gazebo.

lighted gazebo on the beach - I want to go there

Even Santa dreams of a tropical getaway. This beach-side gazebo has been illuminated with ethereal holiday lights in anticipation of his arrival.

Even if your climatic conditions won’t allow for entertaining within your deck or other outdoor structure during the cooler months, can you imagine the feeling of looking out the back windows of your home and seeing a beautiful holiday lighting display? Being able to take in this merriment on a nightly basis can be your prescription for joy this Christmas. In the same manner front yard holiday lighting designs are planned to inspire awe and childlike whimsy for all.

We try to think outside the box in terms of holiday lighting designs for our customers. We offer traditional and classic holiday lighting designs that are timeless in their beauty and elegance. We also offer the bold, intriguing and unique holiday lighting that you only usually see in magazines that inspire daydreams and wishes. These unique holiday lighting designs are usually the result of creativity and looking at a landscape as an artist’s canvas hungry and open to imagination. We look at each landscape and residence we design as its own canvas. With our staff of experienced and talented lighting designers, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives can fulfill your desires of having an outdoor holiday lighting design that makes you take a second look, and leaves your guests taking photos of your holiday lighting for inspiration for their holiday lighting for next season. Remember, imitation is the best form of flattery and we can create a design for you that is truly unforgettable.

OLP holiday lighting 005

This gazebo is lit for the holiday and would make an unforgettable spot for your holiday party.

If you are ready to make your holiday lighting fantasies a reality this holiday season, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives to look at your deck, pergola, porch or other outdoor structure in a new “holiday” light. To locate an Outdoor Lighting Perspectives in your area visit our locations list located on our website.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives!

See more stirring images of outdoor holiday lighting by visiting our holiday lighting photo galleries located on our website.



Outdoor Lighting Perspectives takes a look at the best spots to see Christmas lights in the country

nationalchristmastree in Washington, DC

The National Christmas tree, located in our capital is a must see if you happen to be in Washington, DC around the holidays.

In case you haven’t noticed, the holiday season is quickly approaching. Maybe you have noticed the beginnings of fur trimmed red hats and candy canes making their presence known as you shop. Before you know it we will be carving the turkey, and before you can say “pumpkin pie”, towns and cities all over the country will be flipping on the switch to illuminate the streets with merry, jolly Christmas lights.

I know in my family it was always a tradition to pile everyone into the car the day after Thanksgiving and venture into the city to look at all the outdoor Christmas lights. This event brought many smiles and was such a memorable part of my childhood. Even now, families all over the country look forward to the annual excursion in search of the most amazing Christmas lighting displays. Cities and towns all over the U.S. light up in time for the holidays. AOL travel has compiled a list of the 10 best lighting displays in the US. Among these are Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. whose Hyatt Extreme Christmas light display last year used over 150,000 lights and this year promises to be even bigger and better. Another Florida site that is big on lights is Disney’s Hollywood studios at Walt Disney World, Fla. with a myriad of ethereal lights that are choreographed in sync with holiday music.  The National Christmas tree in Washington, DC is also a “have to see” on the list of best lit. The lighting of the National Christmas tree stems all the way back to 1923, when Calvin Coolidge began this patriotic tradition, and each year since then it has become brighter and more beautiful. There is also Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri which boasts a display with more than four million lights. Rockefeller Center in New York, West Knoxville, TN., Baltimore, MD., Wheeling, W. VA., and Lake Lanier, GA., all play host to some of the most spectacular holiday lighting displays in the country. For a memorable adventure to see a beautiful array of holiday lights there is the Huntington Harbor Cruise of Lights in Huntington Beach, CA., which offers light gazers a mesmerizing bouquet of holiday lights reflected against the water via a boat ride up the harbor. All over this great land of ours there are places where the holidays are lit with magic and enchantment with holiday lighting displays, all you have to do is look.

Loveliest holiday lighting ever

Loveliest holiday lighting ever by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Even if you don’t have a locale to take in extraordinary Christmas lights within driving distance to your home, you can create a brilliant outdoor holiday lighting display in your own front yard. Many of the elements and lighting techniques that are used to illuminate noteworthy displays like the ones making headlines across the country, can be applied within your own personal outdoor holiday lighting display. From the eco friendly, economical and long lasting LED lights to the intricate 3-dimensional statuette displays seen in all the head turning displays that draw crowds from all over. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives offers the traditional, the classic and the unique as part of our outdoor holiday lighting program.

lighted gazebo on the beach - I want to go there

This beach side gazebo is all decked out for the arrival of Santa.

In our holiday lighting program we design, install, remove and store your lights for you, no matter how big or how small, we do it all. Our selection of holiday lighting options span from conservative to over the top. If you dream it, we can design it and have it installed for you before the big arrives.

Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives to learn how we can turn your Christmas lighting display into a display that will stop traffic and turn heads this holiday season. Download our free outdoor holiday lighting guide and get started today.

Visit our website to see more inspirational holiday lighting, and to find an Outdoor Lighting Perspectives location near you, and make all your holiday lighting wishes come true this Christmas!



Make your Love Light Shine on Your Wedding Day with Outdoor Lighting

Beautiful Gazebo enhanced by lighting

Say "I do" to outdoor lighting

Tis’ the season for romance. Romance is in the air all around us as blushing brides-to-be make haste picking out their perfect dress, the perfect music, and the perfect flowers for her big day. With all this in mind many brides opt not to have their weddings in the traditional church setting. Nowadays couples choose alternate locales. Locations such as the beach, parks, and sometimes those beautiful Victorian homes of yesteryear that can now be rented for festivities such as weddings. And many couples also  get married at “home”.

“Home” may be the home they have purchased together as their first home. Home can also be the house of a parent, or grandparent who is proudly hosting the wedding. We see more and more couples making the decision to exchange vows in a familiar setting such as where they grew up. Nostalgia and emotion play a big role in deciding to wed at the family home, adding to lovely memories and adding another page into the family’s history.

Those couples that decide to hold their weddings at home usually hold the ceremony on the lawn, or in the garden and all this requires planning on behalf of the host. Many homeowners make improvements many months in advance of wedding day so their home will look the part. Planting perennial gardens that will be blooming for that big day, even constructing outdoor structures such as arbors and gazebos to add to the romance. Most ceremonies and receptions following can flow into the dusk and evening hours. Some couples even decide to marry at sunset, so outdoor lighting needs to be taken into consideration.

Some of the most memorable expenses of the wedding are the wedding photos. All other objects will fade and wither over time, but the pictures will last a lifetime. Proper lighting is a must for a good photographer to use as a backdrop. Good outdoor lighting such as landscape and garden lighting used at a dusk or evening wedding will make an immeasurable difference in the pictures.

Gazebo lighting and tree lighting

Outdoor lighting gives this gazebo romantic charm

Outdoor lighting is something that a lot of couples and wedding hosts and coordinators do not take into consideration until it is too late. In this case they are usually scurrying to get something “thrown together” in time for the big day. Here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives we are experienced in creating a lighting effect versus just installing lights. We can plan and design an outdoor lighting plan to take advantage of all the beauty of your property on your big day, or that of your daughter or son. We can add an heir of romance with the lighting effect that is unmatched by any other source. Imagine your daughter saying “I do” in your gazebo at sunset amid the climbing roses with the scent of jasmine in the air. Close your eyes… and you can see it, we can make that vision a reality.

Making the investment in outdoor lighting in preparation for the “big day” may seem a little expensive. This is truly not the case when you take into consideration the expenditures spent on a wedding and the return on those expenditures. Outdoor lighting will be with you long after the honeymoon is over. You get to enjoy the beauty of  their glow for many,many years to come.

So make your wedding day memorable for a lifetime, long after true loves first kiss. Give Outdoor Lighting Perspectives a call to make your property shine. 800-447-1112

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is Excited to Announce a New Program for the Do-It-Yourself-er

House uplighting picture - Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

House uplighting picture - Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

You might be wondering what all the hoopla is about here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. We are excited to announce a new lighting program designed for the do-it-yourself-er. This program entails structuring a design plan for the homeowner and delivery of your outdoor lighting fixtures in person with consultation details on site to get you started. The process will save you money and give you the satisfaction to know you did it yourself! Here’s how it works…

buy outdoor lighting fixtures direct

We will help you buy outdoor lighting fixtures direct

First, you decide what area of your landscape you want to add outdoor lighting to, take a photo and upload it or send it to us. Then we will evaluate your photo and custom design a lighting plan to best suit you and your beautiful home. A Outdoor Lighting Perspective representative will call you to talk to you personally to discuss your options. We then finalize the plan with your input and email a proposal to your email address. Following confirmation we then set the wheels in motion to supply you with all the items necessary to install your own stunning illumination.

Copper directional spot light

Copper directional spot light

When you receive your package it will come complete with absolutely everything you need to complete the job down to every wire and light needed. There will be no reason to run all over town to pick up any spare parts for your lighting system. Everything you need will be in the box.

You get our wonderful exclusive outdoor lighting fixtures in your choice of high quality copper or brass delivered right to your door. Not like those flimsy fixtures you get from the big-box stores. We also deliver personally so we can meet with you to get you started by answering any questions or concerns you may have about your custom do-it-yourself outdoor lighting plan, designed exclusively for you. The only tools you will need are things you most likely already have. You will need a screwdriver, a shovel, a drill, a rubber mallet and some wire cutters. That’s all there is to it.

Buy outdoor lights direct with our help

Buy outdoor lights direct with our help

Along with your customized package containing your lighting fixtures and supplies you will also receive a manual and an easy step-by-step video as well. This video also outlines the process….

If you are ready to make your home and landscape safer and more unforgettable at night with the addition of outdoor lights, give us call, or drop us an email and we can set you on the road to satisfaction, security and outdoor lighting that will simply take your breath away. 1-800-447-1112 or

A moon lit evening with soft romantic lights illuminating your gazebo

Gazebo lightingIn my family we have a little secret spot. This secret spot has been the location where my grandpa stole his first  kiss from my grandma when they were courting. In the past, I have even caught my own parents in an embrace or two, slow dancing to only the sound of the wind. The secret spot is the gazebo located on the grounds of my great grandparents 4th generation home. This gazebo  has been the spot for many sweet romantic interludes.

Gazebo lighting for wedding

Gazebo lighting for wedding

When some friends of mine decided on a dusk wedding, I offered our family gazebo up as the perfect location. We then realized that our gazebo might not have enough interior light for a wedding ceremony. We contacted our local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives and they met with me and my family and designed a gazebo outdoor lighting design that made our gazebo enchanting at night. Their understanding of how this gazebo was actually not only a part of the landscape but also a cherished family heirloom made us realize we could put our trust in Outdoor Lighting Perspectives hands. They even set up a free night-time demonstration so we could make sure there would be enough light for the ceremony.

Wedding gazebo lighting

Wedding gazebo lighting

Needless to say, our friends were married in that gazebo under the wonderful lights that Outdoor Lighting Perspectives installed last spring. I can’t think of a better place to have started  memories, or a better place to offer to my friends for their special day. We now look forward to many more evenings under the lights in our gazebo. Now when the moon doesn’t offer enough light inside the gazebo, we can rest easy knowing our gentle outdoor lighting makes it possible to read, lounge, share a warm cup of hot chocolate, or just spend time talking to friends in our gazebo.

Give one of our many nationwide locations a call for a free lighting demonstration at your home.