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Bringing Calm and Comfort to the Community Through Church Lighting.

OLP church lighting

This 200 year old church in Forest Hill, MD was featured in a Disney film and features lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

When you pass a church at night do you notice if it is lit? Many of us don’t give it a second thought, because churches, especially our own, are a constant in our lives. Your place of worship is a place you can always depend on and in our minds it is the place that is “always open”.

The church pictured here in the photo is Christ Church which is located in Forest Hill, MD. The actual building is 200 years old and has been the same denomination since the Church’s inception. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives installed the outdoor lighting for Christ Church and set it up on an automated system. The transformer for all the lighting is located in the parish building just behind the church, so automation was a big plus. The building itself has 15 lights on it, all halogen 35 watt, wide floods. The steeple contains one 50 watt narrow beam. All the lights are installed in ground so they are easy to maintain. Unlike traditional church lighting which generally use line voltage which is costly to repair and operate. As you can see lighting makes a beautiful effect when done correctly. Another plus to this church is due to the age and architectural style it was actually use in a Walt Disney movie.

Many churches around the country are opting to install outdoor lighting to their grounds. Much of the reason for this is to help with membership efforts. You are more likely to visit a church that you find memorable. Nothing can be more memorable than seeing the beautiful architecture and pristine grounds most places of worship are known for lit up at night. After all, when we look back through history some of the greatest painters, craftsmen and architects began their legacies by creating masterpieces within the cathedrals, basilicas and churches that have shaped our history. How would the history of art have been effected with the absence of Michelangelo’s paintings within the Sistine Chapel in Rome?


This church comes alive with architectural lighting

Lighting a church brings out the depth in the features and architectural elements of the structure. Lighting the landscape and the entry of a church, including the sign, brings a calm and tranquility that only a church can stir in someone.

If you are a church official suggesting the addition of hiring a professional to install outdoor lighting could possibly make a difference in the number in attendance on Sunday mornings. Outdoor Lighting perspectives can even set up a night-time demonstration for you and your committee to see for yourselves just how beautiful your church can be at night. Contact us today to find out more. 800.447.1112.

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