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Outdoor Lighting Techniques: Spot lighting

When it comes to outdoor lighting, it isn’t enough to stick lights in the ground shining up at an object. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, our philosophy is “Effect, not fixtures.” We want our lighting design to bring complete visibility to the client’s outdoor living spaces and beautifully highlight the unique details of their home exterior and landscaping. Design and technique are key components to making your outdoor lighting system the most efficient and beautiful as possible. Over the next few weeks, we will be highlighting some of the more common outdoor lighting techniques. So what’s up for this week? Spot lighting.

Copper directional spot lightSpot lighting is used to strongly light a specific object, such as a tree, statue, flag, fountain or architectural features. Spotlights, like the one seen here, provide a more focused spread of light compared to a flood light. They can be installed on the ground, in trees, on rooftops or walls. Due to their versatility, spot lights are a favorite fixture among many of our outdoor lighting designers.

Statue Lighting In New JerseySpot lighting is frequently used when lighting statues in the backyard because the light is so targeted. Take this statue to the right, the two figures are adequately highlighted without a lot of wasted light. This is called the spread of light or light beam. The beam should be adjusted depending on the object being lit. This statue, for example, calls for a narrower spread of light than a flag on a pole may.

Here’s another example from Mead Noss, who provide outdoor lighting in Denver. The landscaping at this neighborhood entrance wasn’t conducive to outdoor lighting fixtures. The bushes were too lush and would block any light that was spread upward through it. Instead of up-lighting the sign, Mead and his team installed two spot lights that were installed above the sign, shining down on it. From signs and fountains to trees and statues, spot lighting is a key outdoor lighting technique.

In all spot lighting, it’s necessary to consider where the excess light will go. Our trained outdoor lighting designers make sure that it doesn’t shine into the client’s home, their neighbor’s home or any area where people gather for entertaining. When lights aren’t properly directed like this, it can shine into someone’s eyes.

If you have questions regarding spot lighting and how it can enhance your outdoor living spaces, please contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office.


Make it an unforgettably sweet Christmas with unique candy cane lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

These unusual candy cane icicle lights aren't something you see in your typical, mediocre holiday lighting display.

These unusual candy cane roof-line lights aren't something you see in your typical, mediocre holiday lighting display.

Do you remember the era of the old fashioned candy shop where you could belly up to the bar and get a real homemade root beer float? Or maybe you remember those delectable sugary creations from the many large lidded jars that were proudly displayed on the counters? These are the images that come to mind when we think of the candy canes. The origins of the candy cane go back for over 350 years. From the candy cane’s humble beginnings, adding stripes  to the otherwise pure white confections that were seen in 1900, and flavors like peppermint and wintergreen have made the candy cane itself an icon of the holidays and a symbol of sweetness all over the world. Along with the mouth-watering temptation associated with the candy cane, it’s shape and characteristics have become a fun part of  holiday decorating as well. The candy cane is one of the most easily identifiable symbols associated with the Christmas holiday.

3D Lighted Candy Canes on Base (3)-frontpage

These lighted 3D candy canes can calm your sweet spot for unique holiday lighting

In a world filled with mundane outdoor holiday lighting designs, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives rises to the top with unique holiday lighting designs that entail the stuff dreams are made of. Our holiday lighting designs include timeless and traditional as well as specialty style lighting that you only see in the most beautiful outdoor holiday lighting displays. One of our most popular holiday lighting themes is the candy cane. Using lighted candy canes as part of your outdoor holiday decorating brings to mind sugarplums and images of a winter wonderland seen from the eyes of a child. Candy canes bring whimsy to life within your holiday lighting display. As part two of our outdoor holiday lighting design series on unique holiday lighting, we focus on the many ways this beloved symbol can make your own Christmas lighting design magical.

Candy cane LED lighted yard displays and candy cane roofline lighting

Our candy cane themed lighting can be used together to create a sweet treat for your Christmas lighting design

It takes design savvy and thinking outside the box to create an unforgettable Christmas lighting panorama. Our line of lighted candy canes provide the base for your holiday fantasies with roof-line candy cane lighting that can be used to define your roof-line and architectural details. Along with the candy cane roof-line lights, we also offer lighted candy cane stake lights that provide a perfect candy land effect when used to border walkways, paths and even your driveway. Our unique selection of lighted yard displays feature this cute confections as well, to give you the ultimate answer to that sweet tooth!

Candy Cane Lightlinks, 3D Candy Cane

Close up of our 3-D lighted candy cane yard display

To learn more about our unique outdoor holiday lighting designs including the candy cane, among other beautiful Christmas lighting options and styles, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives today. Find an Outdoor Lighting Perspectives close to home by visiting our locations list located on our website.

Happy Holidays from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives!

Be the star of the show with unique star inspired holiday lighting designs from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

3d lighted LED Star Wreath

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives offers homeowners a myriad of different style star to use in your outdoor holiday lighting display.

For most of us, the image of the star has played a role of great significance in our lives. From “wishing on a star” as a child, to fond memories of reciting “twinkle, twinkle little star” with our preschool friends. The symbol of the star can mean many things including a love for nature, power, light and healing. For many people the star serves as a symbol of their religious beliefs, including the star of David and the star of Bethlehem. For whatever reason the star holds a special place in your heart, the star itself is a beloved icon of the holidays and is a common theme in outdoor holiday lights. In this story we focus on using the shape and significance of the star in holiday outdoor lighting design. This is part one of a two part series on unique holiday lighting design choices that are sure to turn heads.

large lighted LED starbursts

These lighted starbursts are used to light the way to holiday bliss

Up until just the last decade or so, Christmas lighting was basic in it’s design limitations. In essence you had two choices, plain strings of lights in white or clear, or multi-color plain strings lights. This is certainly not the case nowadays. Today’s outdoor holiday lighting includes all sorts of colors, shapes and sizes to choose from.

As for the star theme, our star lighting elements include lighted wreaths designed in the shape of a star. These can be used singularly or in multiples across your homes facade or another prime location of interest as part of your Christmas lighting display.  Star shaped roofline lighting can add whimsy and charm to your home’s distinct curves and lines, along with other unique holiday lighting elements that serve as the “haute couture” in outdoor holiday lighting designs.

single Starburst LED holiday light

This unique single starburst LED lighted holiday stake is stunning and unique twist to the star shape, when used alone, or in multiples.

One of these unique pieces is our LED lighted starburst stakes. These lighted startbursts offer you a new take on the traditional star. Adding one of these unique lighted stakes can make a statement, and when used in multiples to line a walkway or path they are simply breathtaking. We also have a wide array of stand up one-dimensional and three-dimensional lighted yard displays that also feature the star as the center of the theme.

OLP holiday lighting 032

Twinkle, twinkle lighted star

If you are in search of the unique, and unusual as part of your outdoor holiday lighting design this year, contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives to see how we can create a holiday lighting display that will make your holiday decorating shine like a star in the night sky.

To find an Outdoor Lighting Perspectives location near you visit our locations list available on our website.




Outdoor Lighting Perspectives takes a look at the best spots to see Christmas lights in the country

nationalchristmastree in Washington, DC

The National Christmas tree, located in our capital is a must see if you happen to be in Washington, DC around the holidays.

In case you haven’t noticed, the holiday season is quickly approaching. Maybe you have noticed the beginnings of fur trimmed red hats and candy canes making their presence known as you shop. Before you know it we will be carving the turkey, and before you can say “pumpkin pie”, towns and cities all over the country will be flipping on the switch to illuminate the streets with merry, jolly Christmas lights.

I know in my family it was always a tradition to pile everyone into the car the day after Thanksgiving and venture into the city to look at all the outdoor Christmas lights. This event brought many smiles and was such a memorable part of my childhood. Even now, families all over the country look forward to the annual excursion in search of the most amazing Christmas lighting displays. Cities and towns all over the U.S. light up in time for the holidays. AOL travel has compiled a list of the 10 best lighting displays in the US. Among these are Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. whose Hyatt Extreme Christmas light display last year used over 150,000 lights and this year promises to be even bigger and better. Another Florida site that is big on lights is Disney’s Hollywood studios at Walt Disney World, Fla. with a myriad of ethereal lights that are choreographed in sync with holiday music.  The National Christmas tree in Washington, DC is also a “have to see” on the list of best lit. The lighting of the National Christmas tree stems all the way back to 1923, when Calvin Coolidge began this patriotic tradition, and each year since then it has become brighter and more beautiful. There is also Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri which boasts a display with more than four million lights. Rockefeller Center in New York, West Knoxville, TN., Baltimore, MD., Wheeling, W. VA., and Lake Lanier, GA., all play host to some of the most spectacular holiday lighting displays in the country. For a memorable adventure to see a beautiful array of holiday lights there is the Huntington Harbor Cruise of Lights in Huntington Beach, CA., which offers light gazers a mesmerizing bouquet of holiday lights reflected against the water via a boat ride up the harbor. All over this great land of ours there are places where the holidays are lit with magic and enchantment with holiday lighting displays, all you have to do is look.

Loveliest holiday lighting ever

Loveliest holiday lighting ever by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Even if you don’t have a locale to take in extraordinary Christmas lights within driving distance to your home, you can create a brilliant outdoor holiday lighting display in your own front yard. Many of the elements and lighting techniques that are used to illuminate noteworthy displays like the ones making headlines across the country, can be applied within your own personal outdoor holiday lighting display. From the eco friendly, economical and long lasting LED lights to the intricate 3-dimensional statuette displays seen in all the head turning displays that draw crowds from all over. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives offers the traditional, the classic and the unique as part of our outdoor holiday lighting program.

lighted gazebo on the beach - I want to go there

This beach side gazebo is all decked out for the arrival of Santa.

In our holiday lighting program we design, install, remove and store your lights for you, no matter how big or how small, we do it all. Our selection of holiday lighting options span from conservative to over the top. If you dream it, we can design it and have it installed for you before the big arrives.

Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives to learn how we can turn your Christmas lighting display into a display that will stop traffic and turn heads this holiday season. Download our free outdoor holiday lighting guide and get started today.

Visit our website to see more inspirational holiday lighting, and to find an Outdoor Lighting Perspectives location near you, and make all your holiday lighting wishes come true this Christmas!



Outdoor Lighting Perspectives creates “boo-tiful” Halloween lighting displays for kids of every age

Lighted Jack-o-lantern by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Welcome guest with this lighted Jack-o-lantern by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Autumn is by far my favorite season. The chill that you begin to feel in the autumn wind is exhilarating and the colors mother nature paints for us on her canvas are simply breathtaking. Each fall my mind takes me back to the scents of pumpkin, caramel apples and candy corn. I am also taken back to fond memories of helping my father rake leaves and jumping in the big pile he was ready to bag up and giggling the whole afternoon- thus is the splendor of autumn. This time of year also conjures up images to fright and delight with the time for trick-or-treaters to soon come knocking only a few short weeks away.

Autumn brings on a time for change, the earth changes, the trees change and the animals are preparing and gathering for the winter ahead. With this change in mind, and the upcoming Halloween holiday afoot, now is the perfect time to break out the pumpkin carving tools for the much anticipated jack-o-lantern and ring in this haunting holiday with some seasonally themed outdoor lighting. Many homeowners go all out for Halloween, creating elaborate displays for the adults and kiddies to enjoy on what many call the spookiest ( and most fun) night of the year. Whether you have your heart set on a spooktacular display or just a few well placed icicle lights in unique colors, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives can design, order, install, remove and store your Halloween lighting display for you and all you have to worry about is how many bags of candy you are going to need this year.


Just like our Christmas holiday lighting program, we offer that same attention to detail and  convenience for other occasions as well. Our lighting displays are incomparable in terms of quality and aesthetic appeal. We offer shaped holiday lighting for your display, and a large choice of the ever popular icicle lights in colors aptly suited to the occasion like “slime green”, and “purple frost”. With Outdoor Lighting Perspectives professionally designing and installing your Halloween lighting display you will definitely get treats, not tricks this Halloween.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives offers traditional and unique Halloween lighting

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives offers traditional and unique Halloween lighting

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment to take advantage of our hassle free lighting program contact us to learn more. We guarantee a “boo-tiful” lighting display this Halloween. We are also scheduling appointments for our magical Christmas lighting as well. 800-447-1112

[email protected]

Spread beauty and holiday cheer with lighted wreaths from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas minus the snow? Outdoor Lighting Perspectives can create one for you with our professional holiday lighting displays.

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas minus the snow? Outdoor Lighting Perspectives can create one for you with our professional holiday lighting displays.

Are you looking for a way to make your holidays bright? There is nothing as thrilling as the first evening you throw the switch to turn on your outdoor holiday lighting display. The scene evokes magic and warm feelings of the season no matter what age you are. Young and old alike marvel in the beauty and fantasy that comes into play with a professionally designed and installed Christmas light display.

Outdoor lighting Perspectives is renowned for creating commercial and residential holiday lighting displays that have the capability to leave you breathless, and now we offer lighted LED holiday wreaths to further engage the senses. Wreaths are a beloved icon of the holidays. Wreaths have been used as a decorative sign of the arrival of Christmas for centuries. Wreaths symbolize growth and everlasting life within their boughs.  The wreath’s circular shape represents eternity, with no beginning and no end. We are now taking the wreath to a new level by adding energy efficient LED lights within the wreath to offer you almost 50,ooo hours of bulb life on your wreaths.

Lighted holiday wreaths our great for Commercial holiday lighting displays too.

Lighted holiday wreaths are great for Commercial holiday lighting displays too.

These wonderful lighted wreaths come in 36″ and 48″ sizes and can be used singularly to mesmerize your senses or in multiples to enthrall you. Wreaths can be used to define spaces above windows, on dormers and eaves, on a front entrance and even on fences and columns to invite and welcome guests to your home for the holidays. The wreaths we use in our holiday displays are among the best in the business  and contain the most lights in the industry. Lighted wreaths are available in traditional white and all the hues of Christmas as well.

Holiday outdoor lighting

Holiday outdoor lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is proud to offer these gorgeous lighted wreaths as part of our holiday lighting program. Our program involves designing, ordering, installing, removal and storage of your holiday lighting display from one luminous year to the next. The lighting display is yours, not a rental, and your elements are purchased new, not used like some of the other cut rate lighting companies offer. Our holiday lighting program means more time to spend with family and friends during that special time of the year, and less time fretting over your lighting display. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives does the work for you and you can reap the beautiful benefits from the premier of your 2011 holiday lights and into the New Year.

Spaces are filling up quick, contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives today to reserve your spot to the greatest holiday lighting display in town-yours. 800-447-1112

Our Outdoor Lighting Expert Creates a series on Informative videos you won’t want to miss.

House uplighting picture - Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

There is no place like home, doesn't it deserve lighting worthy of a second glance?

We are still really thrilled about our ” do it yourself outdoor lighting program“. Customers of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives are raving about the quality of our fixtures as well as how easy our directives make installing your outdoor lighting yourself.  Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has taken “do it yourselfoutdoor lighting to new heights and new standards within the industry. Patrick Harders, who is one of our experts here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has compiled a series of informative and easy “how to” videos that are currently available to view at http://monkeysee.com/play/17900-outdoor-lighting-fixtures-and-placement

These videos focus on the basics in proper outdoor lighting. They cover installation and wiring of your system, choosing the proper fixture for the specific area you are illuminating to mounting the transformer, using lighting timers and controllers and even troubleshooting your lighting system. These videos contain valuable knowledge that can be used for informative purposes or in conjunction with our do it yourself program. Here are a few tasty tidbits of the valuable information that can be seen in the lighting and fixture placement video.

well lights

These informative videos cover the important well light and it's proper use and installation.

First Patrick pointed out that the well light is the “work horse” of the outdoor lighting industry. The well light is used in facade and tree lighting frequently because the light amply covers side-to-side as well as top to bottom. When the well light is installed straight up at the object you are lighting, it gives an incredibly even light output that is difficult to achieve with other lights. When using well lights,  Mr. Harders points out you want to avoid windows when using them to uplight a homes facade. The well light that Outdoor Lighting Perspectives uses comes with a lens cover to keep out debris that can affect the quality of the light output. He also points out that the goal when using the well light, as well as any other outdoor lighting fixture , is to focus on what is being illuminated and not the source of light itself. The well light is the perfect candidate for this job because it can be buried to aid in this concept. Our well lights are designed with this purpose in mind.

Beautiful copper path lighting makes this Verbena appear ethereal

When using path lighting properly, less is more.

Our resident expert also discusses the path light. The path light is by far the most mis-used and abused outdoor lighting fixture in the business. With path lighting you have to remember that it is about “quality” and not “quantity”.  I know everyone has ridden through a community at night and witnessed path lighting that looks like an airport runway. These videos instruct the consumer on the correct way to place and install their path lighting. Each path light when properly installed, should emit a circle of light from 5-10 feet to achieve the desired effect. This video points out that when you are planning for path lighting, less is more, and with the correct quality fixtures this is easy.

pathway lighting

Proper path lighting should illuminate the path for safe travel

These are just a few of the outdoor lighting tips that Patrick Harders covered in the video series. These videos are an invaluable addition to any homeowner that is thinking of installing their own outdoor lighting, as well as homeowners who are thinking of taking advantage of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives do it yourself lighting program.

To learn more about our do-it-yourself lighting program, or our full service designs and installations contact us at 804.353.6999 • [email protected] You can also read more about our do-it-yourself outdoor lighting program at http://www.outdoorlights.com/diy.

To contact Patrick Harders at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Virginia, click here to visit their outdoor lighting website or call (703) 361 – 0505. Patrick is a veteran in the outdoor lighting business and provides full-service lighting design and installation to customers throughout the Northern Virginia area.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives says “put away that sketchpad” and try our DIY program


Beautiful outdoor lighting can be yours with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives DIY program or full service lighting

It never ceases to amaze me that every time I see or hear an advertisement for “do it yourself”  outdoor lighting it always asks that the customer draw a sketch of their yard. Seriously?

Here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives we don’t ask that you become the “Picasso” of the neighborhood. Our do it yourself program is so much better. Our way is more effective in giving you the outdoor lighting you desire because it is a more precise method. Why do it the hard way, do it our way right from the beginning and see your vision take on a personality of it’s own. Here’s how our DIY program works…

Buy outdoor lights direct with our help

Buy outdoor lights direct with our help

First, we don’t ask you to sketch your yard. We ask that you take some simple photos of your home in the areas you want to adorn with outdoor lighting.

Second, you simply upload the photos to us. It’s quick, easy and efficient. We then begin to plan your outdoor lighting design and what fixtures would work best from the photos you have provided. We put together a lighting lighting design plan for you and let you know when we have the design plan prepared.

buy outdoor lighting fixtures direct

We will help you buy outdoor lighting fixtures direct

Third, we go over the lighting design plan over the phone with you. That’s right, an Outdoor Lighting Perspectives representative will call you and personally go over the lighting design with you to ensure everything is just the way you want it down to every last detail. From here we will put together a proposal and email it directly to you.

Beautiful copper path lighting makes this Verbena appear ethereal

Beautiful copper path lighting

Fourth, once you have ok’d the proposal we send everything you need right to your door, all you will need is your do it yourself spirit and a few household tools. Your package will include everything necessary to complete the job down to every wire and light required. An instructional DVD will come with your package as well as  your detailed design plan. Our exclusive Outdoor Lighting Perspectives fixtures come in copper and brass and they will be delivered right to your door.

Copper directional spot light

Copper directional spot light

Finally, when your fixtures are delivered , we deliver them personally so that we may answer any questions or concerns you have in person then installation will be as easy as 1-2-3. We are still here to help you even after delivery of your package. We are only a phone call or email away if you have any further questions.

So, put away that sketchpad and call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives today. Do it the right way from the beginning and let us lead you to your “happily ever after”. 800-447-1112 or email us at http://www.outdoorlights.com/diy/email-franchise.html

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives tantalizes the senses with water feature lighting

Pool lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Ethereal pool lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Can you think of a better visual than that of moving water under the soft glow of evening lights? During the warmer months our minds drift to places of solitude and refreshment. Places that will cool the body and the soul. I can’t think of a better place to “drink in” that solitude than alongside a beautiful water fountain or feature listening to the water bounce and trickle and at the same time basking in the additional luxury of watching it flow into the  night with the addition of lights.

Water features such as this one take on a personality all their own with the addition of outdoor lighting

Water features such as this one take on a personality all their own with the addition of outdoor lighting

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is a premier outdoor lighting company that specializes in creating  an effect through the use of outdoor lighting that will tantalize your senses. To achieve these wonderful effects our experienced and knowledgeable designer and installers know the right fixture , bulb and angle to use to get your point across.

The same formulas that are used in architectural lighting and landscape lighting are used to successfully light your water feature as well. We take into consideration the width  and height and focus on the most important aspect of any water fountain or feature-the water. We like to think of it as “mood lighting” for the outdoors.

Pool lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Can you imagine slipping into this for the evening?

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives would love to meet with you and set up a night-time demonstration to show you the realm of beauty which is possible and within your grasp to achieve by lighting your water feature. Contact us to find out more. 800-447-1112 or email us at http://www.outdoorlights.com/

Bringing Calm and Comfort to the Community Through Church Lighting.

OLP church lighting

This 200 year old church in Forest Hill, MD was featured in a Disney film and features lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

When you pass a church at night do you notice if it is lit? Many of us don’t give it a second thought, because churches, especially our own, are a constant in our lives. Your place of worship is a place you can always depend on and in our minds it is the place that is “always open”.

The church pictured here in the photo is Christ Church which is located in Forest Hill, MD. The actual building is 200 years old and has been the same denomination since the Church’s inception. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives installed the outdoor lighting for Christ Church and set it up on an automated system. The transformer for all the lighting is located in the parish building just behind the church, so automation was a big plus. The building itself has 15 lights on it, all halogen 35 watt, wide floods. The steeple contains one 50 watt narrow beam. All the lights are installed in ground so they are easy to maintain. Unlike traditional church lighting which generally use line voltage which is costly to repair and operate. As you can see lighting makes a beautiful effect when done correctly. Another plus to this church is due to the age and architectural style it was actually use in a Walt Disney movie.

Many churches around the country are opting to install outdoor lighting to their grounds. Much of the reason for this is to help with membership efforts. You are more likely to visit a church that you find memorable. Nothing can be more memorable than seeing the beautiful architecture and pristine grounds most places of worship are known for lit up at night. After all, when we look back through history some of the greatest painters, craftsmen and architects began their legacies by creating masterpieces within the cathedrals, basilicas and churches that have shaped our history. How would the history of art have been effected with the absence of Michelangelo’s paintings within the Sistine Chapel in Rome?


This church comes alive with architectural lighting

Lighting a church brings out the depth in the features and architectural elements of the structure. Lighting the landscape and the entry of a church, including the sign, brings a calm and tranquility that only a church can stir in someone.

If you are a church official suggesting the addition of hiring a professional to install outdoor lighting could possibly make a difference in the number in attendance on Sunday mornings. Outdoor Lighting perspectives can even set up a night-time demonstration for you and your committee to see for yourselves just how beautiful your church can be at night. Contact us today to find out more. 800.447.1112.

We design and install landscape and garden lighting, and architectural outdoor lighting.