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Festive Lighting Can Stay All Year Round

Happy New Year everyone! We at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives hope you have a great 2015!

New Year’s marks the end of the holiday season. It’s time to take down your trees and put the reindeer away, but it doesn’t have to mean that all the lights need to go back in the box. Festive lighting can be used in different applications all year round. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we design and install lighting systems that include more than the common landscape lights.

another-look-at-how-festoon-lighting-enlivens-this-commercial-spaceThe most common holiday lighting product is string lights. Indoor and outdoors, they instantly make a space more cheerful and festive for the holidays. They come in a variety of colors and sizes for all types of installations. And while they may be synonymous with the holidays, string lights can be used in all seasons. We install high-quality, high-preforming string lights in a lot of our clients’ back yards. While they can still properly illuminate outdoor living spaces, string lights are still fun! They can be wrapped around deck railings or trees or can be hung over across a space.

orb-lighting-at-arrington-vineyards-by-outdoor-lighting-perspectives-of-nashvilleMany of our holiday lighting clients like wrapping some of their properties’ trees in lights, but some like a different installation that also works all year round: the lighting globes. Lighting globes are illuminated spheres that are hung on different branches as different heights in trees or sometimes in porches. While we wouldn’t substitute them for landscape lights for general outdoor lighting, they are whimsical and visually interesting.

These are just two examples of holiday lighting products that can be used all the time, but there are more. Take inventory of your lights before taking them down to see if you are interested in using them in another way.

We at OLP just don’t like to see the light go away at the end of the holiday season. Whether it’s reusing your holiday lights or reaching out to an outdoor lighting company to install permanent landscape lights, it’s nice not to go home to a dark house.

If you’re considering adding lights to your property, please contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office.

And again, Happy New Year!

Tree Lighting with Three Techniques

We all have certain things about our property that we like best. I love the brick finish of my home, while my mom loves the different outdoor living spaces in her backyard. And for many people, it’s their landscaping, namely their trees.

Tree lighting is a key component of outdoor lighting design. Lighting some statement trees can add depth and interest to the overall design. There are three main tree lighting techniques that we apply frequently: spotlighting, moonlighting and shadowing.

spotlightingSpotlighting is the most obvious tree lighting technique. It’s best used for statement trees on the property, like this one. The tree itself is gorgeous, but it would fade into darkness when the sun went down. To appreciate it all day and night and to invite the eye further into the yard, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives used spotlighting to highlight the tree.

With spotlighting, fixtures are installed at the base of the tree and are pointed up towards it. By having the lights at ground level, the light is able to illuminate the trunk and many of the tree branches.

moonlightingMoonlighting is a much more subtle tree lighting technique. As the name suggests, the goal with moonlighting is to mirror the effect of light from the moon. The fixtures are installed high in the branches of the trees positioned downward. The light isn’t as strong down the trunk of the tree and casts lovely shadows on the ground. Moonlighting is a great technique to use in cozy outdoor living areas and gardens.

shadow-lightingShadowing is the last tree lighting technique. It is about the tree, but also about the shadow that the tree creates. Shadowing is often utilized when the tree is in front of a wall or home and it adds depth and texture. The outdoor lighting fixtures are placed in front of the tree and are cast at an angle to place the shadow in the desired spot.

When working with your outdoor lighting company, make sure to point out any tree that you love that you would like to light. They’ll work with you to highlight the tree in just the right way.

If you have any questions, please contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives.

Holiday Lighting that Fits your Tastes

It’s November, which means it is time to start planning for the holidays. Thinking ahead ensures that you can get what you want without a problem, and that goes for your outdoor holiday lighting displays too.

For many homeowners, they want their Christmas lighting displays up the first week of December if not before (I know my neighbors get out there on the Friday after Thanksgiving). If you want it up in early December, you need to have all the pieces in advance. That is definitely the case with holiday lighting with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. We suggest our clients call us as soon as they can to ensure they get just what they want.

When it comes to holiday décor, the options are endless. From classic to unconventional, there is something for everyone. The most important thing is that you decide what you like and enjoy during the season and just go for it!

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we work with each client to create a custom holiday lighting design that fits their needs, tastes and budget. There are four areas of the house and property that we like to discuss and take into consideration when creating an outdoor lighting display: the roofline, porch, trees and yard.

The home’s roofline is often a large component of our holiday lighting designs. It’s one the best ways to highlight the entire house. The most common roofline lighting is c9 string lights. C9 string lights are the standard string lights that you are most likely familiar with. They are classically beautiful and are available in every color from white, red, orange, blue, green, purple and more. We’ve done roofline lighting for numerous clients who have wanted something more than the classic outdoor string lights. We’ve done icicle lights, snowflake lights, candy canes, stockings and more. Each one added a special something to the display.

Poinsettia WreathThe front porch is where friends and family are welcomed during the holiday season so it has to look great! Our lighting designers will pay particular attention to the front porch area to enhance the space and make it more inviting. Our fully decorated wreaths are chosen to complement the other pieces of outdoor décor you have. If you have columns or railings on the front of your home, wrapping them in garland is a great way to dress them up. Both garland and wreaths can be pre-lit so you have that pop of sparkle on the front of the home.

Another mesmerizing holiday tree lighting design by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Wrapping trees in lights isn’t a new design idea, but it still holds merit. Trees with Christmas lights are synonymous with the holiday season. Outdoor tree lighting does go beyond simply wrapping the trees in lights however. If you want to do something a little different, there are snowflake lights, snowfall lighting, and other décor options to make your trees pop.

The last space considered in the design phase is the yard itself. Yard displays are popular additions to a holiday lighting system. Some of our clients enjoy a large display that includes Santa and his reindeer or a nativity scene, while others may want something simple to line their pathways. Whatever your tastes, we are happy to include it in your design.

The key to design and getting what you want is timing. The earlier you reach out to your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office to discuss holiday lights, the more likely you are to get exactly what you want before product runs out. Please let us know if you have any questions.


Tree Lighting for the Holidays Adds Festive Flair

The holidays are a time for happiness and cheer. We at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives are happy to add to the ambiance through our outdoor holiday lighting service. It puts a smile on our faces when we see how welcoming and bright our clients’ homes can look for holiday visitors.

Each of our holiday lighting systems is different. At OLP, we custom design the lighting plan based on the clients’ properties, tastes and budgets. Our trained installers will put up the lights and take them down at the end of the season. Additionally, we store all of our clients’ lighting product for them so each bulb can be tested before being installed again the following year.

Holiday tree lighting is always a popular installation, but there is more than just one way to do it…

Wrapping trees in string lights is the most popular method of holiday tree lighting. It’s a design classic that can make a big impact. Take this tree from the Nashville capital for example. The Outdoor Lighting Perspectives team wrapped it thousands of bulbs to highlight its size and beauty. With the lights, it can now be admired both day and night. While white and red bulbs are used most often, string lights are available in a number of different colors.

There are numerous types of ornaments that are meant for the outdoors, but most of them don’t light up themselves. To add something extra to a tree, we have colored spheres in a variety of colors and sizes that can take on an ornamental feeling. The surface is textured, allowing for more “sparkle” than a smooth surface. For added excitement and visual interest, spheres with twinkling bulbs can be installed.

Snowflakes are one of the key icons of the holiday season. Snowflake lights can be hung from tree branches along with string lights to create a tree straight out of winter wonderland. Some of our snowflake lights are constructed with LED rope lighting and some are made with layers of metal that is back lit with LED bulbs. The most interesting trees with snowflake lighting have several different designs incorporated.

One type of outdoor holiday lighting that is growing in popularity is snowfall lighting. Snowfall lighting intends to mirror the look of falling snow. I like to think of snowfall lighting as icicle lights taken to the next level. Instead of having all of the lights on each line lit up at one time, they light up in one after the other.  Here’s a video of a project that one of our locations did a few years ago that incorporated snowfall lights. Watch out for the “dripping” lights, that is snowfall lighting.

If you don’t have trees on your property, but would like something for the holidays, we have temporary, pre-lit trees that are perfect for outdoor décor. Some are made of poles and string lights, while others, like these spiral ones, are hollow structures that are taken apart at the end of the season.

If you have question on outdoor holiday lights, please contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives.


Outdoor Lighting Techniques: Up-lighting

Next up in our series of outdoor lighting techniques is up-lighting. Up-lighting is one of the most versatile strategies in outdoor lighting design as it is used in a variety of applications. Up-lighting is an excellent way to highlight the beauty of trees and architectural details.

The Well Light is one of the most commonly used residential outdoor lighting fixture

A number of fixtures can be used when up-lighting, but the most commonly used fixture is the well light, or BB3 (seen here). The fixture is installed into the ground, no deeper than 12 inches. Different beams of light can be achieved by placing the fixture closer or further away from the structure and by changing the angle of the light bulb.


birmingham-outdoor-lightingGrazing is a form of up-lighting that enhances the textures of a vertical space by placing a fixture only 6 to 8 inches from the surface and aiming the fixture directly upward. It is an absolutely gorgeous outdoor lighting effect on a brick, stone or stucco building as it brings out all of the details. It does not, however, work well on a siding due to the shadows it would create because the surface isn’t flat. Here’s a great image of grazing up-lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Birmingham. This outdoor lighting system in Hoover, AL included a wall that surrounded part of the outdoor living space. If you can pull your eyes away from the beautiful sunset through the window, take a look at the texture that the lighting brings out. That architectural detail of the space can now be admired at all times of the day and night.

Tree lighting is another popular form of up-lighting. As opposed to moonlighting in trees and the shadows it creates, the tree trunk and branches are the focal point in up-lighting trees. The outdoor lighting fixtures are installed near the base of the tree. Most of our clients enjoy the warm wash of light up the trees, but some have added a pale blue lens to for a more subtle look. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we’ve up-lit trees with dramatic results. For our clients who have clients bordering their outdoor living spaces, up-lighting trees is a great way to draw the eye outward and add interest to an otherwise dark surrounding. Take these beautiful trees for example, the installed up-lights make them stand out against the dark sky, adding visual interest to the space.

Depending on the structure, where it is located, and what surrounds it, up-lighting can also be used for fountain or statue lighting.

The key to all outdoor lighting design is using the right techniques, with the right fixtures, installed in the right place. The designer has to consider where the excess light will go and make sure that it does not shine into the home, a neighbor’s home or property, or into any of the areas that people gather in when entertaining. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we place temporary lights in place so that we can be sure that the system will look and perform exactly how intended.

If you have questions regarding outdoor lighting on your property, contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office. Our trained lighting designers will create a beautiful system that you’ll enjoy night after night.

Outdoor Lighting Techniques: Moon Lighting

Two weeks ago I mentioned that we at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives would like to highlight some of the different outdoor lighting techniques that we often use when designing a custom outdoor lighting system for our clients. For us, outdoor lighting is all about the design. If the design isn’t good, whatever it’s lighting doesn’t look good either.

So what’s up today? Moon lighting.

Tree downlighting also known as moon lighting

Tree downlighting also known as moon lighting

Compared to other outdoor lighting techniques, moon lighting provides a much more subtle look as the light isn’t directly shined on a certain object, instead it is shined down through the branches and leaves of trees, mirroring the effects of the moon (hence the name). Moon lighting is great technique when it comes to projects that have a more natural feel, like a garden, golf course or backyard.

Many of our clients that end up with moon lighting don’t want the fixtures to be seen at all. Lighting fixtures, most commonly spotlights of varying sizes, are installed high up in the trees pointing downward. The wire can be run up the trunk of the trees and the fixtures can be drilled into the tree branches. The light beam shines downward through the branches, just like the light from the moon.

Because moon lighting is more difficult to install and maintain, we suggest using LED lamps in a warm white. LED lights last much longer than halogen or ceramic metal halide and when a tall ladder is needed to perform maintenance, LED lights will save the property owner a lot of money in maintenance costs.

For me, the best part of moon lighting is the beautiful effect it creates through the trees. Take look at the picture above, isn’t it romantic? The shadows are beautiful on the surrounding grounds and patios, just like it is intended.

If you have questions regarding different outdoor lighting techniques and what would work best for your property, contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives designer.


Providing Outdoor Lighting in Chattanooga for a Good Cause

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we are constantly surprised by the generosity of not only our clients, but our local owners who provide beautiful outdoor lighting systems for their clients. We are thrilled to hear how they are giving back to their communities but also to nonprofits that are looking to make a difference. Joe Bozich of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Chattanooga recently donated an outdoor lighting system to a charity in his area for their annual live auction, and the finished product was gorgeous!

Since opening his outdoor lighting company in Chattanooga, Joe has been extremely active in his local community. He is a member of the local Chamber of Commerce and won the Home Builders Association of Southern Tennessee’s Rookie of the Year after his first year of business. Additionally, he prides himself on being active with non profits in the area. In November, Joe and his team donated a seven light lighting package to the live auction for the American Lung Association of Tennessee. The event included cocktails, dinner, karaoke and more. When it came time for the live auction, the lighting package raised $1,100 for the cause!

The winner of the low voltage lighting system is a Family Practice doctor who lives in the country. The house sits in a valley with beautiful mountain views for miles. It was, however, very very dark at night due to its remote location. The owner of the home wanted to make it easier for guests to find his home by up-lighting the exterior. He ended up adding several more LED light fixtures to the already purchased package to make sure the finished product is exactly what he envisioned.

The house itself is a crisp white color with yellow shudders. Joe installed LED fixtures for its white appearance so it wouldn’t make the house look yellow. The front, as you can see, has a beautiful wrap around deck. Well lights were installed at the base of each of the columns to highlight the architectural details of the porch without blinding anyone on it. This is an important part of any well designed outdoor lighting system. Too many times, spot lights are installed in places where the light beam can go directly into someone’s view. Our goal at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is to make the light, not the fixture the star of the show.

Above the porch, two small spot lights were installed along the gutter line to highlight the second level of the home. Doesn’t the outdoor lighting make the house look stunning against the dark night’s sky?

In addition to highlighting the house, the homeowner wanted to add tree lighting so some of the trees on the property for visual interest. Up-lighting the trees was done by installing LED well lights at the base of the trunks. A warm wash of light was shot directly up the tree, highlighting its texture and lovely branches. I hope to see another picture when the leaves are back in the springtime.

We are proud to see Joe and his team provide such a great job for such a wonderful cause. If you have questions regarding outdoor lighting in your area, please contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office.

Palm Tree Lighting Creates a Backyard Paradise

On my long drive to visit my brother, I always know when I hit the southern states when I see the tall palm trees. The tall skinny tree is a staple of states like Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. Many of our Outdoor Lighting Perspectives locations in the southern states are asked to highlight their clients’ palm trees.

Recently, John Gillespie and Kurt Shearer, who provide architectural, landscape and outdoor lighting in Naples and the surrounding areas, finished a project for clients that wanted some of their palm trees lit up.

As John told me, “the clients wanted to be taken into another world in their own backyard. They had a few existing path lights on their pool deck, but beyond that there was darkness. When we visited the property, we noticed the tall Royal Palms they had surrounding their pool deck. When palm tree lighting is done correctly, the difference can be dramatic and stunning. We knew the finished product would give them that escape they were looking for.”

John and his Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples Team installed over 20 up lights in varying wattages and beam spread. “Those little variances are what create the drama,” explains Gillespie. “If every palm was lit in the exact same way, it would be monotonous. When you have little changes on different trees, the effect is breathtaking” On certain trees, the team focused on the fronds, or palm tree branches, while illuminating the trunk of others.

In many cases, less is more and in this case not every palm needed to be lite to create the desired effect. The clients were thrilled to see their dark background transformed into a tropical paradise. Take a look at these photos to see for yourself.



The lit palms invite people outside while creating a perimeter around the space. The colors of the trunks and fronds are beautiful.


Here you can see how John and his team varied the light on the palms. On some of the shorter trees the fronds are the main component, while he lit the trunks of some of the taller ones.




Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Augusta helps Augusta National Prepare for Masters Tournament

The first major championship of 2012, the Masters Tournament, started today and golf fans all over are turning on their TVs and watching the best in golf compete on one of the most prestigious golf courses in the world: Augusta National. Augusta National golf club was first founded in 1933 and started hosting the Masters in 1934. “It’s such a special place,” says Pat Otis, owner of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Augusta.

Over the next four days everyone will be watching the beauty of Augusta National. From Founder’s Circle to Rae’s Creek, the property is magnificent and the care it is given is evident. “We have been working with Augusta National since 1999 and it has been both a great treat and wonderful honor,” says Otis. “They are constantly improving the property but always in a subtle way that keeps the traditions of the course alive and I’m excited to be a part of it.”

Otis and his team provide outdoor lighting in Augusta and its surrounding areas and started working with Augusta National when they needed a low-voltage lighting expert. Over the last 13 years they have added over 400 outdoor lights, not that you would notice most of them. “The vast majority of the lights we installed on the property are what we call moon lights that are up in the trees,” explains Otis. “They can be difficult to install, but in this case it is important that fixtures aren’t easily visible to the members or spectators so we place lights between 35 and 80 feet up in the trees. You can’t see the fixtures, but at night, the effect is beautiful.”

Tree downlighting also known as moon lighting

This isn't from Augusta National, but is an example of moon lighting

Moon lighting is an outdoor lighting effect that mirrors the effect the moon. By placing fixtures up in the trees and positioning them downward, the light will highlight the tree but also create the same shadows that the moon does. It is a much more subtle look than normal tree lighting that utilizes up lighting. “It’s perfect for Augusta National because it’s much more natural-looking and reflects the personality of the property,” explains Otis.

When it comes to preparing for the Masters Tournament, the whole city prepares and Otis is no different. “My team and I go out to Augusta National three to four times prior to the tournament to make sure everything is just right. We check every light, relocate some and add any that are needed. The final check happens the week prior to play.”

Now that play has begun, Pat can take a little time to sit back and relax. We are so proud of him and his team. If only the tournament was played a night so we could see the beautiful lighting… I guess that would make it a little more difficult for the players however.   :)

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives creates holiday tree lighting designs that dance to music

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville rockin' tree lighting

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashvilles rockin' tree lighting

I know we all have that one tune that plays over and over again in our head during the holidays. That tune can uplift your spirits and when you  hear it on the radio can transform your mood. From classic tunes from Perry Como or  Nat King Cole to more modern upbeat melodies from Trans-Siberian Orchestra or even the Chipmunks. It doesn’t matter which is your favorite, what matters is how the song makes you feel and how it lifts you into the holiday spirit. Take into consideration the way your beloved  music mixed with dazzling holiday lighting could create an awe inspiring reaction in every one who sees it.

This unique and dazzling compilation of lights set to music is not a new idea, but we have certainly perfected it. One example is the way in which we used tree lighting to bring this maple tree to life to the beat of Brenda Lee’s “Rockin’ around the Christmas tree”. Here is a video by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville that is bound to make you tap your feet and put you in the holiday mood…

This elegant Christmas lighting display incorporates the use of holiday tree lighting

This elegant Christmas lighting display incorporates the use of holiday tree lighting

Clearly there are multiple facets of outdoor holiday lighting that were used to create this extraordinary display. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville chose a majestic maple to host this rockin’ display. The tree was strung with 180, fifty light sets of LED string lights, using sixty each of red, green and white. They then used a self-contained, weatherproof sixteen channel sequencer with an FM transmitter to synchronize the lights to turn on and off in time with the music. The “falling snow” lights are controlled in the same fashion. They installed the lights over a 25 hour period using a bucket truck. The string lights sets will remain on the tree throughout the year, but the falling snow and the controller will be removed after the holidays are over. This breathtaking design is just one of the many that Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville installs each year for their commercial and residential clients. Their holiday lighting designs are among the most coveted in the Tennessee region.

Another mesmerizing holiday tree lighting design by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Another mesmerizing holiday tree lighting design by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

This glorious installation is just one example of the brilliant designs seen within our holiday lighting program. We can transform your property into a winter wonderland with our Christmas lighting designs. You can choose elegant, traditional holiday lighting to designs that are over the top with creativity. Our holiday lighting program means that we designinstall, remove and store the lights for you in our temperature controlled warehouses until it is time to do it all again. We offer you freedom from constraints of storing your lights, installing and removing your lights so you have more time to enjoy your lighting display with your family and friends. Our system also offers you the chance to add to your holiday lighting display year-to-year as you wish. It is truly a winning combination of beauty and convenience.

To learn more about our holiday lighting program, including stunning tree lighting for the holidays on the trees within your landscape, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives today to schedule a free consultation. You may also visit our website to download a free copy of our holiday lighting guide.

Visit our Holiday lighting galleries for more stunning designs just in time for the holidays!

To find a holiday outdoor lighting designer near you, please see our outdoor lighting locations list on our holiday lighting website.