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Make it an unforgettably sweet Christmas with unique candy cane lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

These unusual candy cane icicle lights aren't something you see in your typical, mediocre holiday lighting display.

These unusual candy cane roof-line lights aren't something you see in your typical, mediocre holiday lighting display.

Do you remember the era of the old fashioned candy shop where you could belly up to the bar and get a real homemade root beer float? Or maybe you remember those delectable sugary creations from the many large lidded jars that were proudly displayed on the counters? These are the images that come to mind when we think of the candy canes. The origins of the candy cane go back for over 350 years. From the candy cane’s humble beginnings, adding stripes  to the otherwise pure white confections that were seen in 1900, and flavors like peppermint and wintergreen have made the candy cane itself an icon of the holidays and a symbol of sweetness all over the world. Along with the mouth-watering temptation associated with the candy cane, it’s shape and characteristics have become a fun part of  holiday decorating as well. The candy cane is one of the most easily identifiable symbols associated with the Christmas holiday.

3D Lighted Candy Canes on Base (3)-frontpage

These lighted 3D candy canes can calm your sweet spot for unique holiday lighting

In a world filled with mundane outdoor holiday lighting designs, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives rises to the top with unique holiday lighting designs that entail the stuff dreams are made of. Our holiday lighting designs include timeless and traditional as well as specialty style lighting that you only see in the most beautiful outdoor holiday lighting displays. One of our most popular holiday lighting themes is the candy cane. Using lighted candy canes as part of your outdoor holiday decorating brings to mind sugarplums and images of a winter wonderland seen from the eyes of a child. Candy canes bring whimsy to life within your holiday lighting display. As part two of our outdoor holiday lighting design series on unique holiday lighting, we focus on the many ways this beloved symbol can make your own Christmas lighting design magical.

Candy cane LED lighted yard displays and candy cane roofline lighting

Our candy cane themed lighting can be used together to create a sweet treat for your Christmas lighting design

It takes design savvy and thinking outside the box to create an unforgettable Christmas lighting panorama. Our line of lighted candy canes provide the base for your holiday fantasies with roof-line candy cane lighting that can be used to define your roof-line and architectural details. Along with the candy cane roof-line lights, we also offer lighted candy cane stake lights that provide a perfect candy land effect when used to border walkways, paths and even your driveway. Our unique selection of lighted yard displays feature this cute confections as well, to give you the ultimate answer to that sweet tooth!

Candy Cane Lightlinks, 3D Candy Cane

Close up of our 3-D lighted candy cane yard display

To learn more about our unique outdoor holiday lighting designs including the candy cane, among other beautiful Christmas lighting options and styles, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives today. Find an Outdoor Lighting Perspectives close to home by visiting our locations list located on our website.

Happy Holidays from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives!

Be the star of the show with unique star inspired holiday lighting designs from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

3d lighted LED Star Wreath

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives offers homeowners a myriad of different style star to use in your outdoor holiday lighting display.

For most of us, the image of the star has played a role of great significance in our lives. From “wishing on a star” as a child, to fond memories of reciting “twinkle, twinkle little star” with our preschool friends. The symbol of the star can mean many things including a love for nature, power, light and healing. For many people the star serves as a symbol of their religious beliefs, including the star of David and the star of Bethlehem. For whatever reason the star holds a special place in your heart, the star itself is a beloved icon of the holidays and is a common theme in outdoor holiday lights. In this story we focus on using the shape and significance of the star in holiday outdoor lighting design. This is part one of a two part series on unique holiday lighting design choices that are sure to turn heads.

large lighted LED starbursts

These lighted starbursts are used to light the way to holiday bliss

Up until just the last decade or so, Christmas lighting was basic in it’s design limitations. In essence you had two choices, plain strings of lights in white or clear, or multi-color plain strings lights. This is certainly not the case nowadays. Today’s outdoor holiday lighting includes all sorts of colors, shapes and sizes to choose from.

As for the star theme, our star lighting elements include lighted wreaths designed in the shape of a star. These can be used singularly or in multiples across your homes facade or another prime location of interest as part of your Christmas lighting display.  Star shaped roofline lighting can add whimsy and charm to your home’s distinct curves and lines, along with other unique holiday lighting elements that serve as the “haute couture” in outdoor holiday lighting designs.

single Starburst LED holiday light

This unique single starburst LED lighted holiday stake is stunning and unique twist to the star shape, when used alone, or in multiples.

One of these unique pieces is our LED lighted starburst stakes. These lighted startbursts offer you a new take on the traditional star. Adding one of these unique lighted stakes can make a statement, and when used in multiples to line a walkway or path they are simply breathtaking. We also have a wide array of stand up one-dimensional and three-dimensional lighted yard displays that also feature the star as the center of the theme.

OLP holiday lighting 032

Twinkle, twinkle lighted star

If you are in search of the unique, and unusual as part of your outdoor holiday lighting design this year, contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives to see how we can create a holiday lighting display that will make your holiday decorating shine like a star in the night sky.

To find an Outdoor Lighting Perspectives location near you visit our locations list available on our website.




LED holiday lighting from here to eternity, a new realm of lighting

Holiday outdoor lights Chrismas outdoor lights LED

This magnificent outdoor holiday lighting display was achieved through the use of LED lights.

When you drive by a beautifully illuminated outdoor holiday lighting display and it brings a smile to your face and a warm feeling in your soul do you ever think about what elements went into creating such an inspirational display? Most folks don’t bother with learning the logistics of what goes into a well designed and executed Christmas light display, but many of the lights we use in our holiday lighting displays may play a role in making our planet a better place to live.

Some history on holiday lights

Festivities practiced by ancient civilizations used lights as part of their celebration practices. This ancient tradition of associating the use of light that signified a special occasion is believed to have set the groundwork for our modern-day use of lighting our homes, our landscape and our trees as part of celebrating the holidays.

Vintage Holiday lighting advertisement for GE Christmas lights

This vintage advertisement for GE holiday lights is circa. 1949

The first signs of celebratory lights were candles, tallow lights and nutshells which were filled with oil and lit. Our modern electric lights made for Christmas were introduced by Thomas Alva Edison in 1882, just three years after his invention of the first light bulb in 1879. Since their debut in 1882, holiday lights have seen many changes over the years. Today’s modern Christmas lights offer many benefits that our forefathers would’ve never deemed possible within the small but complicated workings that make up a light bulb.

Much of the holiday lighting we see nowadays is made up of energy efficient LED ( light emitting diode) lighting. LED light bulbs use modern technological advances to create a light that uses less energy to light, has a longer bulb life, responds faster to switching, exudes more robust and clearer illumination, and is more gentle on the environment than it’s predecessors.


Up close and personal with the LED.

If half the world’s lighting needs could be met by conversion to LED by the year 2025, researchers predict  this would reduce the world’s power usage by at least 120 gigawatts. This reduction in power usage would reflect a savings in energy costs worldwide of over 100 billion dollars per year, and would also reduce carbon dioxide emissions brought on by power plants by 350 megatons each year. So when you think in terms of a small, LED light, look at it as a little light that packs a lot of punch in terms of the  positive effects the LED’s “green” technology could have on our entire planet.

LED light is said to  have first been  invented by a group of four independent research groups in the United States  in 1962, but much speculation has been made over a Russian genius by the name of Oleg Losev who is said to have discovered the LED forty years prior to that. Believe it or not nearly 100 years ago Henry Round at Marconi Labs noted the emission of light from a semiconductor diode, but published only a very short note on his findings and made no further investigations on the subject at the time which left the door open for Losev to hold the title as the first to discover the LED.

C9 Holiday outdoor lights by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives created this stunning holiday lighting display by using the charming C9 LED lights.

Every good design is all about the details…

Now let’s talk about the “playful” part of the LED lighting. When I refer to this aspect of the LED light as playful, I am referring to the myriad of beautiful and mesmerizing components that are used in creating an LED outdoor holiday lighting display. Our LED displays incorporate LED roofline lights, such as the C9 that promote a charming and elegant feel into your display. We also use holiday wreaths, garlands and foliage that are lit using LED technology. The use of these classic and inspirational pieces can be used in multiples to heighten the beauty of your outdoor holiday lighting display. Even the use of a single lighted wreath adorning your front door can make a huge impact on your Christmas display and will welcome visitors and guests for the holidays in a manner nothing else comes close to. Many of our customers also lean towards using the more unique LED components we offer, such as the LightLinks roofline lighting that comes in a host of merry holiday shapes such as candy canes and snowflakes, just for starters. The LightLinks line of holiday lighting also offers large, lighted stand-up 3-dimensional yard displays that come in a variety of cherished holiday icons.

lighted palm tree by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Lighted palm tree by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives can design a unique LED holiday lighting display for you using LED. We can design a custom Christmas lighting display for you, from sugarplum fantasies to a traditional display that mimic the old world beauty and charm of a” Currier and Ives “holiday postcard. To learn more about our professional outdoor holiday lighting, including the energy efficient LED’s, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives today.

To locate an Outdoor Lighting Perspectives close to you, visit our locations list located on our website.

Yearning for images of inspirational holiday lighting? Then visit our outdoor holiday lighting photo gallery, also located on our website.


Outdoor Lighting Perspectives takes a look at the best spots to see Christmas lights in the country

nationalchristmastree in Washington, DC

The National Christmas tree, located in our capital is a must see if you happen to be in Washington, DC around the holidays.

In case you haven’t noticed, the holiday season is quickly approaching. Maybe you have noticed the beginnings of fur trimmed red hats and candy canes making their presence known as you shop. Before you know it we will be carving the turkey, and before you can say “pumpkin pie”, towns and cities all over the country will be flipping on the switch to illuminate the streets with merry, jolly Christmas lights.

I know in my family it was always a tradition to pile everyone into the car the day after Thanksgiving and venture into the city to look at all the outdoor Christmas lights. This event brought many smiles and was such a memorable part of my childhood. Even now, families all over the country look forward to the annual excursion in search of the most amazing Christmas lighting displays. Cities and towns all over the U.S. light up in time for the holidays. AOL travel has compiled a list of the 10 best lighting displays in the US. Among these are Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. whose Hyatt Extreme Christmas light display last year used over 150,000 lights and this year promises to be even bigger and better. Another Florida site that is big on lights is Disney’s Hollywood studios at Walt Disney World, Fla. with a myriad of ethereal lights that are choreographed in sync with holiday music.  The National Christmas tree in Washington, DC is also a “have to see” on the list of best lit. The lighting of the National Christmas tree stems all the way back to 1923, when Calvin Coolidge began this patriotic tradition, and each year since then it has become brighter and more beautiful. There is also Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri which boasts a display with more than four million lights. Rockefeller Center in New York, West Knoxville, TN., Baltimore, MD., Wheeling, W. VA., and Lake Lanier, GA., all play host to some of the most spectacular holiday lighting displays in the country. For a memorable adventure to see a beautiful array of holiday lights there is the Huntington Harbor Cruise of Lights in Huntington Beach, CA., which offers light gazers a mesmerizing bouquet of holiday lights reflected against the water via a boat ride up the harbor. All over this great land of ours there are places where the holidays are lit with magic and enchantment with holiday lighting displays, all you have to do is look.

Loveliest holiday lighting ever

Loveliest holiday lighting ever by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Even if you don’t have a locale to take in extraordinary Christmas lights within driving distance to your home, you can create a brilliant outdoor holiday lighting display in your own front yard. Many of the elements and lighting techniques that are used to illuminate noteworthy displays like the ones making headlines across the country, can be applied within your own personal outdoor holiday lighting display. From the eco friendly, economical and long lasting LED lights to the intricate 3-dimensional statuette displays seen in all the head turning displays that draw crowds from all over. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives offers the traditional, the classic and the unique as part of our outdoor holiday lighting program.

lighted gazebo on the beach - I want to go there

This beach side gazebo is all decked out for the arrival of Santa.

In our holiday lighting program we design, install, remove and store your lights for you, no matter how big or how small, we do it all. Our selection of holiday lighting options span from conservative to over the top. If you dream it, we can design it and have it installed for you before the big arrives.

Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives to learn how we can turn your Christmas lighting display into a display that will stop traffic and turn heads this holiday season. Download our free outdoor holiday lighting guide and get started today.

Visit our website to see more inspirational holiday lighting, and to find an Outdoor Lighting Perspectives location near you, and make all your holiday lighting wishes come true this Christmas!